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04.11.10 - Release party!
Finally a release party!
Place: Høvel'n, Dampsaga, Steinkjer
Time: Saturday, December 4., 21.00
Entrance: 100NOK
Ages: 18+
Support: Bulletsize (SE)

13.10.10 - A little update for ya'll!
It has been an exiting summer for No Dawn! We were ever so lucky to go on tour with Six Feet Under, Master, Illdisposed and Kratic. A great experience, great fun and great people, all in all a memorable virgin tour on our part!
We would like to direct a special thanks to Kraft Events, you guys rock hard!!
Tour 2010

Tour 2010

We also made an appearance at this year's Storåsfestivalen.
Nothing much to report on this one except heavy rain, HA HA HA! No seriously this was cool, and a great "test-run" before going to Wacken!
Live at Storås 2010

And then there was Wacken Open Air!!
This was by far the most awesome gig we've done so far! A fantastic experience which we'll never forget.
Hail to the finnish winners of the Wacken Metal Battle 2010!
Live at Wacken 2010

Wacken 2010

We salute all the people who made this trip very special to us!!!

This fall the wait is finally over, as we're nearing the release of our long-awaited EP.
There will be at least two live shows (release-parties) in addition to releasing a new video.
Dates for these events will be announced.

30.07.10 - Live at Storåsfestivalen
No Dawn playing live at Storåsfestivalen 2010
For more info about the festival, visit:

24.05.10 - Tour Confirmed!
No Dawn will be touring Scandinavia and Germany together with Six Feet Under(US), Illdisposed(DE) and more.
For more info visit Gigs.

19.04.10 - Wacken Open Air
We are proud to announce that we won the Norwegian finals in Wacken Metal Battle.
This means that we will play at Wacken Open Air this summer. See you there! W:O:A No Dawn banner

21.03.10 - Wacken Metal Battle
Last Wednesday we won the semifinal in Wacken Metal Battle.
This means we will play at the finals at Blæst in Trondheim the 16th of April.
Hope as many as possible will be there and help us get to the greatest metal gathering on earth!

23.02.10 - Trondheim Rock
We will play at Trondheim Rock, Friday the 21st of May, together with Mayhem, Keep of Kalessin
Divided Multitude. For more info visit:

16.02.10 - Wacken Metal Battle
We're entering the Wacken Metal Battle once again! First up the Norwegian semi final at Blæst
in Trondheim the 17th of march. For more info; www.blaest.no.

19.11.09 - GBOB challenge
No Dawn will play the Norwegian finals in the GBOB challenge this Saturday, 21st of November.
Show up at Rosendal scene in Trondheim at 18.00, and help us to the world finals in London.
GBOB banner

29.09.09 - Video premiere
The video for the song Ascending Malice is finished, and the premiere
will be here at www.nodawn.com Saturday 03.10.2009!
Be sure to check it out!

01.07.09 - Steinkjerfestivalen
This saturday we played at Steinkjerfestivalen alongside great bands
such as Susperia and Satyricon. We have never played in front of so many people before,
and the crowd was awesome. We are also waiting to hear
the mix of two of the songs from the upcoming EP sometime this week.

15.06.09 - Live and update
Last Friday we played a show in our hometown Steinkjer, with a huge
production. See pics below! Click here to see a videoclip from the show!
We are still working on our EP, and the premiere for our video will
hopefully be on the big screen at Steinkjerfestivalen, saturday 27th
of June, just before we enter the stage at 19:00.

01.06.09 - Musicvideo
Yesterday we recorded a video for the song "Ascending Malice" from
the upcoming EP "Drain to Revive". The video will be awesome, and
we are looking forward to show it to you people!

08.04.09 - Live at Steinkjerfestivalen
No Dawn will play at this years Steinkjerfestivalen.
We will play at the main stage, Saturday the 27th of June, pumping up the crowd before Satyricon.

08.04.09 - No Dawn enters studio
No Dawn enters studio the 20th of april to start recording the EP "Drain to Revive", that is set to be released this fall. The EP will be produced by Hans Jørgen Støp, a well known Norwegian producer and artist.

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